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Find out how you could benefit from a different approach to parenting, and get suggestions on where to start.                 

When is it time to take a different approach to parenting?

Does it frustrate you that your child:

won’t listen or says NO
is disrespectful
is aggressive towards others
is clingy or shy
isn’t potty trained yet
tears the house apart
constantly having temper tantrums
won’t talk to you
will only calm down with technology
won’t stop pushing until you give in to what they want

What you believe to be true, impacts how you parent.

Core belief 1

I believe true happiness is felt when we are connected to our unique self and are pursuing something interesting.


I believe humans by nature seek emotional attachment; children need their parents to be emotionally available and to seek to be the child’s primary point of emotional attachment during the stormy seas of growing-up.             


I believe every individual is born biologically wired to be unique.  Our responsibility as parents, educators, and members of society is to provide environments, experiences, and opportunities where a child can discover: who they are, what interests them, and how they learn.

As a parent, have you taken time to assess your strongly held beliefs about how a child should be raised?

               Why Mentoring?
Raising children is emotionally draining. Let’s face it, they don’t come with instructions, and each one requires a different approach.
Mentoring offers you the flexability and individual attention that your family deserves. Just as each child is unique, mentoring approaches your particular circumstances from an individualized perspecitive, focusing on your families distinct challenges and opportunities. I’ll help you discover how to re-frame your parenting frustrations to gain a better understanding of your child while reducing stress in your home and the emotional drain on the whole family.

“The secret of parenting is not in what a parent does but rather who the parent is to a child”

Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D.

The Olson Method

Biological, environmental, experiential, and other factors impact the way a child behaves, and ultimately learn to cope with the people, places, and experiences around them.

How we behave as parents is influenced by as many factors as how our children behave and learn to cope.

Making an investment in how we lead our children during their early years of development (from birth to early pubescence) can make navigating those early years a little less stressful, and ultimately provide a strongly rooted foundation from which to “fly away” on their own as they grow into adulthood.

Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring is designed to keep the focus on you and your specific challenges. Through one-on-one sessions, we will create a program that addresses you and your child’s particular needs.
If your schedule is really busy and meeting at the same time every week is difficult. Individual mentoring can offer some flexibility.
Start building your support network through personalized mentoring sessions that offer meetings on your schedule and support when you need it.

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Picking up on cues from children, Page Challenges parent’s to step back and look deeper into who their children are.

Leanne Bright
 Homeschool Parent

What other parents see as a problem Page sees as the key to unlocking the child’s gifts and full potential.

Page Olson

Group Mentoring

If it takes a village to raise a child, it’s important to create a supportive community. Group mentoring offers a supportive environment for your family to overcome parent-child relationship hurdles through guided facilitation. Together we will help you feel confident and secure as you purposefully cultivate secure, resilient, self-motivated, interested, happy and confident children actively engaged in life.

Expand your Resources

Share resources in between mentoring sessions to expand your parenting backpack. 

Diversity of Perspective

Discover new ways to solve challenges in your everyday life with your fellow parents in distress.

Network of Peer Support

Find support between mentoring sessions by reaching out to your village of fellow parents.

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“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots. The other is wings.”

GHodding Carter, Jr.

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“Childhood needs to be a wonderful adventure”

Page Olson

Page Olson

Founder of Parenting without Fear: the Olson Method, Page is skilled at observing and understanding children, seeing what parents don’t yet see.
Prior to children, Page had a 10-year professional career in the emergency medical and Medico-legal Investigative fields.  She started observing behaviors as a window into personalities and emotional well-being when she began to ride and work with horses in her mid-twenties. While raising her children she developed an expertise in homeschooling from a cosmopolitan perspective.
Co-author of the best-selling Amazon book, “Success Manifesto,” featuring Brian Tracy, Page combines years of experience and intuitive skills to design workable solutions for today’s parents. As a speaker, she challenges you to view a child’s behavior as a window into that child’s core temperament,  inter-emotional state of well-being and stage of development.  She believes the most powerful relationship a child has is the one with their parent(s) as this relationship lays the early framing for how the child views themselves as well as the world around them.
Page Olson is a Speaker, Author, Coach, and Mentor based in the Pacific Northwest.

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“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach they way they learn”

Michael J. Fox


Why I Speak

Public speaking has the ability to touch a person’s soul in ways the written word does not. Hearing a great public speaker motivates a person to action, to change, to question, to reach for new understanding.

Speaking Topics

  • Keys to Your Child’s Happiness
  • The Three “E’s” of Early Childhood
  • The Optimistic Life Style of a Dyslexic Family

"Page has an inspiring, story-telling style, which captivates you, and holds you, spell-bound.  She allows the audience to consider different perspectives and helps us process new ideas."

                    Dr. Gaia Sophia Hawkin                   
Life Coach / Work Place Facilitator

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